Malibu is like a small beach town with many fun things to do! Although it is small, you need a car or an Uber to take you to all the local spots. Everything is not within walking distance like Santa Monica, here you will need to Uber or drive. The hotels are also more expensive than Santa Monica and there aren't many choices. If you are looking to stay near The Day House, this is for you (an Uber drive is about $5-$8 to The Day House from most locations in Malibu). 

Out of the different choices to stay, Malibu is more of a low key beach town with a few fun places to visit, not as crowded as Santa Monica. Take a visit to the world famous Malibu Pier and eat at the beloved Malibu Farm Restaurant. Explore all the pier has to offer like boating and fishing. Jet over to The Malibu Village for a day of shopping or browsing. Spend a day at the beach at Surfrider Beach (next to the pier). Visit Jan Day's favorite tourist attraction next to the pier called The Adamson House. Jan Day was a docent here and loved to take Jafra Consultants here for a visit when they cam to Malibu. 


The following hotels are within a few miles of The Day House:

The M Malibu Hotel

The Malibu Beach Inn (WARNING: this is very pricey $$$)